The following is a list of all possible SSC programs and their equipment requirements. If you don't already have this equipment (from a previous league, or on your own), we will lend it to you! 

All Sorts of Sports n/a n/a
Basketball ball $75
Dodgeball 2 balls (3 balls for Super Dodgeball) $75
Flag Football ball, belts, pylons $75
Fitness Classes n/a n/a
Hockey - Floor sticks, ball and goalie mask provided on site n/a
Hockey - Ice n/a n/a 
Inner Tube Water Polo ball provided on site n/a
Soccer Outdoor Grass/Turf 6s * ball, pylons and portable net $250
Soccer Outdoor Turf 9s/11s ball $75
Soccer (indoor turf/gym) ball $75
Softball Coed balls, throw bases and catcher's mask $75
Softball Men's Officiated  n/a n/a 
Tennis n/a n/a
Ultimate disc, pylons $25
Volleyball - Beach ball $75
Volleyball - Court all equipment supplied n/a


 * ATTENTION SOCCER TEAMS WITH PORTABLE NETS: do not wait until the last minute to pick up your net systems!  Due to the size, we cannot leave these for after hours pick up in our drop box.

 Please note that some sports require a refundable equipment deposit. If you did not make your payment deposit at the time of registration, you can pay for your equipment via cash, cheque, VISA or MasterCard.


Most SSC programs do not require official jerseys with numbers on the back (the exception being men's officiated basketball, men's and women's officiated ice hockey).

That being said, you always play better when you look better.  Check out our official team uniform supplier Axis Gear for great deals on amazing looking and performing team uniforms.


Info coming soon!