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Sport and Social Club Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Related Issues
How do individuals get assigned to a team?
I've registered, now what do I do?
How do I pick up equipment and pay for the deposit?
When does the season start?
Where will I be playing?
I am no longer able to play my sport. Can I get a refund?
I would like to be contacted when registration opens - how do I do this?
I still see "not yet assigned" in my profile - what's going on?
Can I call or email to find out when my schedule will be posted?
What happens is there are more registrations for a program than there is available space?
How much are late fees?
League and Schedule Related Issues
What does my team get if we win?
My schedule says I'm playing at 12:00AM at "location pending": what does this mean?
Are there games on spring and summer holiday long weekends?
TEAM System Issues
What is the T.E.A.M. System?
Sport and Social Club Web Site Requirements:
What are the kinds of users in the T.E.A.M. System?
Features for team captains (those who registered and paid for a full team):
Features for team members (those who were either added to a roster by a captain or accepted an invitation):
Features for individual registrants (those who registered and paid by themselves or with a small group)
How do I get a username and password?
What if I have forgotten my username and password?
Where do I log into my profile?
Do I have to log into my profile every time I want to see my schedule?
Are you having problems Logging into your profile?
Why do I have to invite people to be on my team?
Are you experiencing problems sending/accepting an invitation to a team mate to join a team?
Adding new people to your team roster
Resending invitations
Deleting people from your roster
How do I report my score?
How do I change the team name and colour?
As I captain, how do I turn on the Roster Tracker game attendance emails?
How do I get game attendance emails?
TEAM System FAQs for Individual Registrants
Why does my profile say that my individual registration teams are "unassigned"?
I am not sure if I specified the right people to play with?
Member Benefits
Where can I find out what my member benefits are?
How-To Videos for the TEAM System
Links to How-To Videos for the TEAM System